• touchscreen: swipe with your finger and the Charta will travel that way
  • computer: with arrows or with WASD

The University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest is being reorganised by government order. The new system, where the university is managed by a foundation is used in other countries to ensure the university's freedom from the state. In Hungary, however, the government tightened their control by appointing a comittee whose ties to the governing party are blatantly obvious. This new model wrenches the autonomy from the hands of the Senate, the self-governing body of the university that is made up of professors and members of the student council.

As a protest to this, the students occupied the university building on 1. Sept. 2020, and organised a rally on the 6. Sept. 2020 to deliver their demands to the Hungarian Parliament.

You can read further on the events in this New York Times article.


  • Art Director: Krisztina Gaál 
  • Creative Director: Dániel Herczeg 
  • Graphic Designer: Rebeka Artim 
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I don't get it

lovely game, such an engaging way to learn about this thanks :D solidarity!